As a leading flooring contractor, Affinity Flooring Limited are committed to continually improve the quality of their service to their clients.  We aim to offer our services to the highest standards of supply and installation that genuinely support our client’s business objectives.  Delighting our clients is one of our three core business principles and to support this we have implemented an integrated management system that has been certificated to the latest version of ISO 9001.


We commit to:

  • Have a real understanding of our client’s and their business requirements
  • Continually strive to improve our performance through our plan do check act approach and continuous improvement of our business processes
  • Develop staff potential by providing effective training
  • Create a positive commitment to quality and create an environment of teamwork and cooperation that enables staff to work effectively
  • Supporting staff in their day to day work by developing an integrated management system that links business activities within the organisation and that conforms to the requirements of international standards
  • Actively encourage and work with our supply chain to improve the quality and reliability of their products and services and to maintain productive long-term relationships
  • Set realistic quality objectives for all operations that are reviewed annually at our management review
  • Recognise that exceptional service will result with satisfied clients that will ensure further opportunities for our businesses
  • Comply and satisfy all relevant legal and contractual obligations


We recognise that anyone working for the Affinity Flooring has a responsibility for ensuring the quality of their work and that of people working under their supervision.


The Directors of Affinity Flooring have specific responsibilities for providing the necessary organisation and resources to implement this policy in all aspects of the business – sales, administration and installation.