Rocksteady Studios

When we looked to the sky above London and saw the Affinity logo shining in the night sky we were quick to answer the distress call of Rocksteady Studios! Well maybe it wasn’t quite like the Batman films in reality but when leading British video game developer, know for the creation of the Batman video games, was looking at renovating part of their offices we were only too glad to assist.

Working with design & build experts Oktra, the re-design included extending a mezzanine floor and transforming it into a new breakout lounge and meeting room.

Affinity supplied over 100m2 of reclaimed timber flooring to match the existing wood running throughout the communal area. The new timber was expertly fitted along the length of the mezzanine floor and was installed over a single weekend. To keep with the New York Loft feel our ceramics team installed over 100m2 of reclaimed London Brickslips to a new wall, perfectly complimenting the aged flooring. The brickslips were treat with lime mortar to give a real sense of wear and tear.

Our skilled timber team also had to patch in several areas of the existing floor where walls had been removed to make space for an open plan games area. This was done seamlessly and to the immense satisfaction of the client.

Project Manager John Humble said “This was without a doubt a great team effort, it was imperative for our ceramic and timber divisions to work closely together to produce a great result.


110 sqm


Video Game Industry




Reclaimed Wood, Brickslips, Ceramics


Blueprint, Solus, Reclaimed Flooring Co

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